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The Story

There was once an immortal Empress.

She ruled the World of Aeser for over a thousand years. Then her own courtiers betrayed her.

It turned out she was not so immortal after all. 

That was a hundred years ago.

But they always said the Empress casts a long Shadow, and today that shadow hangs over your head.

You play as three distinct characters with intertwining stories.

You are Julius, a shadow demon. Your kind once served the empire as mindless automatons. But your mind and memories were returned to you by chance. Will you take this opportunity to get your mind back for good? Or will you succumb to the Hunger that whispers to you?

You are Tell, a girl who wants desperately to leave a home plagued by memories of family tragedy. Unfortunately, your hunt for job in the city brings you smack up against that tragedy in the least likely of places. Who would have thought you'd find a ghost from your past in Asher's notorious catacombs?

You are Kalevel, an ancient demoness once despised by the immortal Empress. Now, long life has left you complacent. Will you see the signs of a new enemy before it is too late?

Each story intertwines. How much depends on your choices.

Some choices affect your character's personality. Others alter the plot. 

Some paths lead to horror.

Others to romance or friendship.

Endings unfold and are fully realized rather than being tersely summarized.

With 80,000 words of content, each playthrough comprises 1-2.5 hours of gameplay, although this varies widely with each path. Tell a Demon is designed to be replayed, however, and to find and fully experience all the content takes 4-6 hours or more.

The ghost of the Immortal Empress invites you to enter...

...the mysterious World of Aeser.

The Demo...

The demo contains the entire Act I, a quarter of the whole game.


Tell a Demon is out!

Tell a Demon is complete and released as of July 13, 2017.

Also, Tell a Demon is on Steam!

Upgrading to Bonus Content

You can now get it separately here:

Content Warning: Themes of death and loss. Some painted blood - sometimes a lot of painted blood - and occasional swearing.

There are some video excerpts of the story on Youtube.


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this Visual Novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

tellademon-win.zip 157 MB
Version 1.32
tellademon-osx.zip 151 MB
Version 1.32
TellaDemon-1.32-linux.tar.bz2 150 MB
Version 1.32
tellademon-win-linux.zip 167 MB
Version 1.32
TellaDemon-1.31-linux.tar.bz2 152 MB
TellaDemon-1.31-mac.zip 145 MB
TellaDemon-1.31-win.zip 146 MB
Bonus Content (Soundtrack + Wallpapers) 83 MB
if you pay $9.99 USD or more

Download demo

TellaDemon-1.21_DEMO-linux.tar.bz2 110 MB
TellaDemon-1.21_DEMO-mac.zip 104 MB
TellaDemon-1.21_DEMO-win.zip 106 MB

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