Big Updates

Quick update! Fixed a bunch of things, some of them pretty important if you played any of the previous builds.

Fixed in this build:

  • Numerous typos, awkward sentences.
  • Fixed the problem where going through to either Mended Memory or the Knight's Gift endings would result in missing Tell and Julius scenes.
  • Fixed numerous small continuity problems for several endings, notably Intrigue and Sakraia's Price.

And more. I thought I would be done by the end of May, and while I'm very close, I still want to be sure that I can play through to each ending without errors. After that I want to go over the script for a final pass of proofreading pass, particularly for the Mind feature (which functions as a journal in Tell a Demon).

That's all for now.


TellaDemon-1.20-linux.tar.bz2 (BETA) 148 MB
May 28, 2017 (BETA) 142 MB
May 28, 2017 (BETA) 144 MB
May 28, 2017

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