Will you step into the world of Aeser? | Announcement Trailer

Two things

  1. Whew. The announcement trailer is done.
  2. Some new screenshots! Including the exploration GUI that I'm really happy with

Exploration is thus far pretty laid back as you can scroll through hotspots with the arrow keys, mouse or a controller.

All right, make that... three things.

Third Thing

Steam page and website landing page is up. Maybe that's four things?

Anyway, now if you sign up, Kalevel will welcome you to the mailing list. 

Fifth Thing

Fine, fine. Five things.

If you're new to the Empress of Aeser, it is a puzzle-adventure visual novel in which you make decisions, learn magic and lift the villain's curse instead of destroying her.

For more stories in the same story-world, there is Asher followed by Tell a Demon. Both are visual novels/interactive fiction. Winter's Trumpet was a brief foray into more traditional point 'n clicks and is set in the same story-world.

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