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The Story

Six months have passed since Tetrine Reish died. She did not expect to wake again, nor to find herself thrown into a world of demons. To cope with her new life, she agrees to help the ancient and mythical demoness, Kalevel Venhera, to find a cure for Kalevel’s sister, whose memories were long ago stripped away by the now dead, once immortal, Empress of Aeser. In exchange, Kalevel subdues the demon’s curse, the Hunger, and Tetrine is almost able to pretend she is still human.

Except now Kalevel is missing, and there is talk of a new immortal Empress. Now Tetrine must face what she has become all on her own, and stop the next person from rising to the Imperial throne and throwing Aeser into another age of eternal darkness.

The Game

The Empress of Aeser is a point and click adventure a 3d narrative adventure game featuring visual novel style choice making and story branching. Your choices influence the main character's (Tetrine's) personality, but also have a lasting impact on the story, leading to one of several endings (as of this writing, there are nine). Inventory object puzzles are closely integrated within the story and may also affect the story outcomes depending on how you choose to use them.

The Empress of Aeser is continually changing. Please see our website for latest development. These screenshots represent an old 2D demo, that is still available for Patreon subscribers, but that does not represent the final game.


The Empress of Aeser is currently in active development. We are raising support through our Patreon, which you can find here (there are also many public posts).

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