Winter's Trumpet Update (Jun 06, 0.81)

Hello! I'm adding this game to Steam and working on the last of the testing, proofreading and bugfixes.

Changes this Update

  • Got an autobuilder working (thanks go to AJC for the help when I got stuck!), so I am able to build Steam and versions a bit more quickly. (For those interested in a Steam version, I'm working on it and it's almost done, still have to wait for approval from their store tho).
  • Small fixes, like typos
  • Loading time when game starts should be a bit improved
  • Bugs caused by solving the puzzle at the beginning in an unexpected way were addressed.
  • Added a README with direct links to CC Music used in the game.

Files 75 MB
Jun 06, 2020 78 MB
Jun 06, 2020 81 MB
Jun 06, 2020

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