A downloadable twine template

Since people have asked a couple of times now about how I did Asher. The short answer is I barely remember. The long answer is here's this template I cobbled together from my visual novel/twine game, Asher.

I can't offer any support with this. I don't use Twine much anymore - it's all a blur - but there's lots of great support out there for Twine: Reddit. Forums.

Anyway, It's Harlowe format, you should just be able to import the html file in Twine and everything should just work.

This template is released under an "I don't care what you do with this" license. Go ahead and sell the games you make with it.

The story, character, and background art in Asher: A Visual Novel is copyright ©2018-2020 S. A. Welland. All Rights Reserved. Use of this template or downloading Asher does not grant you permission to use my artwork.

Other Twine Resources

  1. ChoicesScript-like SugarCubeTemplate
  2. Saving in Harlowe

Install instructions

Open Twine. Select Import from File. Locate the HTML file and open it in Twine. You should be good to go.


Character Portrait Format.zip 300 kB


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thank you!


thank you!


Brilliant - thank you!