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Tell a Demon

Three intertwining stories of love, loss, and vengeance set in the 1920s style city of Asher. · By Sun Labyrinth


Recent updates

Tell a Demon 1.31
Hello, Just a quick update to version 1.31. This updates the game to the latest version of the engine, which should improve performance in some circumstances. T...
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Tell a Demon (A Visual Novel) is Now Available
Tell a Demon is now available! About Tell a Demon is a visual novel dealing with themes of love, loss, and vengeance set in a 1920s-style fantasy world. Your ch...
8 files
Big Updates
Quick update! Fixed a bunch of things, some of them pretty important if you played any of the previous builds. Fixed in this build: Numerous typos, awkward sent...
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Version 1.19 and Steam Greenlight
Hello, Just updated Tell a Demon . This applies fixes to the memories (when Julius is exploring memories of Aya and Senna). So that sequence should be working n...
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All Four Acts Complete - Tell a Demon is in Beta
Hello! Just a quick update now that has a nice new devlog feature. Right now, I am fixing and polishing the Beta version of Tell a Demon and plan to rel...
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